GAME CHANGER Hockey Training System

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GAME CHANGER LITE is a compact version of our Game Changer Full version. With its dimensions 83 x 88 cm (32.68 inches x 34.65 inches) its size allows you to train anywhere and everywhere you want.

Ideal for players or teams on the go or for players with limited space.

The Game CHANGER LITE set allows independent play or play in pairs, training or match. Complete the basic set with many accessories and take the GAME CHANGER LITE experience to the next level!  Upgrade to the full version when required. You can expand the LITE Version to a full board whenever you are ready.

+ 9 challenging exercises
+ 2 player modes
+ compact
+ 2 year transferable warranty
+ all parts are replaceable
+ expandable to full board

Mode 1: CLASSIC (60s): Train your puck control
60 seconds – Play the puck on the red dot. Who does more?

Mode 2: THE MINE (60s): Dodge the defenders
This requires maximum concentration for 60 seconds. Play the ePuck on the red dot but don’t hit the blue ones, otherwise there will be a deduction of points.

Mode 3: EXXTREME SPEED (30s): Fast hands at short range
Just a point of light – 30 seconds time. Fast hands! For extreme speed!

Mode 4: QUICK HANDS (60s): Quick hands at long range
Two fixed points – 60 seconds time. Play the ePuck back and forth between the points as fast as you can. You think you’re fast – Then show it!

Mode 5: TOE DRAG (60s): Determine your own points
In this mode you first select the points that you want to use for the exercise. Then play the ePuck back and forth between the points with the toe drag. You are at the head of the game changer.

Mode 6: THE SQUARE: More precise circular movements
You thought lying 8 was difficult? Then treat yourself to the square and play the dot around the lights as smoothly as possible without touching them.
A loose wrist is recommended!

Mode 7: FIGURE EIGHT: The eight. The worldwide classic
The prone 8 – A different kind of challenge. This isn’t about points but about the fluidity of your movement as you play the ePuck around the two fixed points.

Mode 8: CLASSIC MULTIPLAYER: Challenge your friend with CLASSIC MULTIPLAYER*
1 VS 1. 60 seconds power play!
Who has better puck control?
Challenge your friends to a quick battle!
*Requires second Puck.

1 VS 1. 30 second power play!
Who has faster hands?
Challenge your friends to a battle!
*Requires second Puck.


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