Gator Armor GA10 Shoulder Protection Senior

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The unique technology of the Gator Armor GA10 Pro Shoulder Protection Junior allows the player to play even more unrestrained, better and much safer. The protector is worn like a vest and attached to the front with a Velcro fastener. Outstanding good protection is ensured especially in the area of the shoulders, as there are additional foam protectors under the shoulder flaps. The sophisticated technology compensates for external pressure effects as well as sudden high loads on the body with the help of foam protectors and significantly reduces them.

A well thought-out design and an optimized arrangement of the protectors at essential points of the equipment ensure an even distribution of the impact energy and protect the player from injuries. The wearing comfort of the Gator Armor Pro shoulder protector also leaves a lasting impression; Movement is less restricted, your own game becomes more carefree and, above all, safer.

Protection, prevention and comfort come first! Equally significant is the fact that Gator Armor does not contribute to the rise in body temperature as a result of sporting activities, as conventional protective equipment does. The construction of the protectors rather supports the body‘s cooling system.

  • 94% Spandex
  • 6% Polyester
  • Protectors: 100% Polyethylene
Art.No.: GATGA10Y

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